Show: PEAK Thursday @ Library Square |

Guess what everyone!? Back 2 School Back 2 Cool tomorrow night PEAK Thursday, Library Square. Be there. Presented by 102.7 The Peak (hiiiiii guys) and the Donnelly Group.

Facts at PEAK Thursday, Library Square

Summer is Good For You |

To have this weather all year round would just be unfair, so we only get a few months of this sweet, hot summer mess. And while clothes shed, dresses flutter, smiles widen, and friends become lovers, we cram every activity we can into it.

An explosion of outdoor events provides ample chilling opportunities for local dudes and babes. We saw the introduction of the dope new Dudes Chilling at Dude Chilling Park series. Those of us who tend to meet up in dark rooms and compose music suddenly get to perform it at bright, beautiful outdoor parties. Festival season is upon us; seldom is more fun had by bands.

This Summer we learned about Wapiti Festival (in Fernie, it’s awesome, go), met some new bands, made new friends, and witnessed a precious celebration of community. It is a blessing to be part of the bringing together of youth, parent, child and neighbour with music. It puts one in touch with the earliest human societies, bonding over food, fire, song, and dance; a welcome change from the more exclusive bar-going class.

Oh, and don’t forget to hit up Ponderosa Festival THIS WEEKEND! It’s in it’s second year and it was my top weekend of Summer last year.

Dudes Chilling at Dude Chilling Park

Dudes Chilling at Dude Chilling Park

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Facts – Green Couch Session |

I still recall the first time I sat myself on the Green Couch. It was Squamish Festival 2012; we arrived in the middle of the night in our beat up camper van after having just played a show in town. I had thought it would be hard to push our way into the Artist camping area, but it turned out it was entirely awake and partying, and had the security personnel under some sort of friendship charm, as musicians are well known for. The Matinée had brought a full size tour bus which dwarfed our van, and a broad canopy pitched out the side over over a PA system compete with mics and stands. Drunken musicians were rallying back and forth acoustic renditions, and amplified, bearded harmonies floated up through the Squamish valley, disturbing scores of slumbering patrons. The bus cargo doors were nested with cords and gear, and a low profile pleather couch was resting to the side, as if the ordeal of cable organizing was waiting to wrestle a man to exhaustion. It was 3am. A cold beer was put in my hand as I threw myself upon the nondescript green couch. Truly, I knew, we were glamping.

It was then I realized that this was THE Green Couch, upon which I had seen so many talented artists perform in cleverly filmed off-the-floor segments. The back of the couch was adorned with signatures and doodles of many musicians. Shivers of recognition passed through my body. As I drank and partied that night, I wondered: why is this couch here, now? Was it some kind of sign? Could we ever make our way onto it for our own video session? It would be two years before this thought would become a reality. That reality, as it happened, turned out to be fairly surreal; involving mythical creatures, dinosaurs and human oddities. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

A special thanks to our friends at Green Couch Sessions for doing yet another bang-up job, and to the endlessly talented, inexclusively beautiful Kristy-Lee Audette, for her trumpeting and rabbiting.

New Release – The Hunch EP |

“I think when you all listen to The Hunch EP, you’ll hear a group that has grown by holding back. Five tracks of refinement through simplicity.”

When Facts formed, we didn’t have a real goal in mind. I say that, but we all got together “to play music”, which IS a goal I guess. But we didn’t have a direction for our sound. We drew influences from all over the place. Estaban (Sean Bletcher) had written songs in the past that had an “At the Drive In” feel to them, Hugh had played in a hardcore band, Bayntun was/is a classically trained pianist/wizard, we had a drummer from a punk band, and I (Mike) brought my directionless smattering of “I’ll just play whatever”.

The result of this directionless mishmash, and the most frustrating part of this arrangement, was that none of us really understood how to subtract what we were writing for the greater good. (more…)

Nerves – Music Video |

In case you haven’t seen our new video for Nerves which over at ION Magazine last week…

Massive thanks to the awesome film crew who put this together:

Produced by Narrow Needle Productions & Ian Macdonald. Directed by Ian Macdonald. Starring Alissa Terese Hansen. DOP Chris Kempinski, Trevor Tablotney. Camera Chris Patch, Brook Lotzkar. Gaffer Cory MacGreggor. Grip Geoff Webb, Mankaran Sekhon, Cat Kitellis. Production Designer Tim Sharp. Art Director Erica Lapadat-Janzen. Creative Consultant Geoff Webb. Makeup Skye Markham. Production Assistant Andrea Bang, Caroline Janeesha Lightbody. Set Builder Andrew Sept, Mike Champion, Dan Pierce, Brandon Siemens, Jason Shevolup

Broken Bones, New EP, Writing Camp |

It has been a strange 2014 so far. Our drummer Phil got doored last month while riding his bike and took home a broken leg and a broken rib. He was actually on his way to our jam space at the time to practice drums. Irony. He’s a large man and it was a heavy piece of metal; he had to get surgery, and like staples and shit; it’s pretty gnarly. His wheelchair is really shiny, but it just doesn’t sound that good when you hit it with sticks. So no shows for a little while.

But don’t you all worry about that, because we have a brand new EP and video coming out (stay tuned to ION Magazine next week to hear more about this release). The songs were recorded with Dave Carswell at JC/DC Studios in the searing heat of Summer, and in it we got our greasy paws all over a bunch of cool vintage synths. I can’t wait for you guys to hear it.


Dave found this old Univox in his studio after someone mentioned German Techno


Sean Bletcher in an epic staring contest with the cameraman

We kept ourselves ourselves busy these past few months working on new songs, but we got a little tired of being in our dark living rooms, so last week we spent the entire weekend in the Sunshine Coast making demos. For two days we had no day jobs, owned a house on the ocean, and were fed and cleaned up after (thank you Mr. and Mrs. Bayntun). We got as much done in two days as we’d normally do in two weeks. Let’s make this writing camp a thing from now on.


Bletcher and Hugh making tunes at writing camp


This dude was listening in. Look at his ears, he loves it.

So we have plenty on the go, and we’re gearing up for another big summer. Look for us to announce some shows in the coming months.

Why you should Come Friday |

come friday jan 10 poster“Fuck this week. I’ve been listening to “I Hate Everyone” by Get Set Go on repeat. I’m literally working through this week to get to FridayThe Cobalt is like my living room; My friends are there, they play music I actually like and the drinks are affordable (and they have better and more booze than I have in my fridge)”

– Isabel DC (@isabeldc)

Facts on Steam Whistle Unsigned |

In early November we did a show at the Biltmore sponsored by Steam Whistle Brewing called Unsigned. It’s always good to play a beer-sponsored event because it’s one time as a smaller act you basically get bottomless beer. This concert series goes on all over the country, letting Steam Whistle showcase local indie music, raise money for local arts charities (Music BC in this case) and generally hang out in the scene. You guys can chill in our green room anytime.

Unfortunately Van Damsel had to pull out last minute, which drastically limited our friend-making and dude-chilling possibilities, however swooping in to save it was Beekeeper doing what may be their last show ever, although Devon Lougheed will surely be back soon with some new strange thing. Also we love Brandi Sidoryk (hi brandi). The night was headlined by Fine Times who are technically signed to Light Organ, but who’s counting? They are a crass and dreamy group of rock n’ rollers and we always enjoy chilling out backstage with them.

Check out this video of the event courtesy of Green Couch Productions. Thanks Steam Whistle, I don’t know if you were serious about this but we will definitely phone you when we’re in Toronto next. And thanks as always Bilty, you are sweet.

Facts on eMusic |

This week our latest single, Nerves was featured on eMusic’s 17 Dots Blog. It’s a pretty dope blog and we appreciate our friends over there for giving us a pat on the back. For those who haven’t explored eMusic, check it out!



Facts / Humans Remixes |


A few months ago, Facts collaborated with Humans to remix each other’s tracks. Humans is an East Vancouver duo that is putting out some of the brightest and best electronic Indie music to date. Check out the remixes of Phewf! and Wake Up!

Facts Goes to Pop Montreal! |


On September 27th, Facts will play a sophomore show in one of our favourite cities we’ve had the pleasure to visit. Ion Magazine was gracious enough to put us on their showcase for Pop Montreal, alongside some great bands like Caged Animals. So we’re already gearing up to eat lots of poutine, go to some rad shows, brush up on our grade 9 French speaking, and rock the hell out of Pop Montreal!

We’ll be playing at a venue called “Quai des Brumes” which Google Translate tells me mean “Mist’s Dock”… sounds kind of ominous. I have my hopes up there will be a stage, some beer on tap, some cute French-Canadian girls, and even a misty dock. If you’re going to Pop Montreal, you should tweet at us @hearthefacts and tell us what bands we should go see. Be sure to come to our night and say bonjour as well.

We have some other exciting show announcements just around the bend. There’s even rumour that our new single will be out just before we head to Quebec. Stay tuned. 😉

Click here for more info on the ION showcase.



Pre-Pro, Photogenesus, A Condescending Cat |

It’s been a few weeks and we know what you’re all wondering. Where is Facts? Why haven’t they been playing their you-know-whats off this spring? Well, we are doing this thing that bands do after playing the crap out of a record; we’re making a new one. It’s going to be way better than the last one. This much |———————————————————————————|.

Achieving that amount of improvement means hours squirreled away in computers and dank basements working on songs (you mean that bands don’t just expel awesomeness at will?). Now that the hardest part is over, we are taking our precious baby songs into pre-production.

Have a look at us at Estaban’s house doing pre-pro, under the critical stare of Martin the condescending cat:

Easily the Most Photogenic Member of the Band

Easily the most photogenic member of the band

More pictures after the jump (more…)

Festival Show >> Ponderosa Arts & Music Festival |

Nothing makes us more stoked for summertime than festival slots. Give us festival slots and we will be your best friend for the whole summer. If we’re ever mad at you, toss some festival slots at us and we’ll spend the next couple hours just being stoked. Camping outdoors with fellow musicians has proven to be ridiculously entertaining, if not just ridiculous; and watching the other bands is a treat in itself. So to sum up: Let’s do a festival.

Ponderosa Arts & Music Festival – Labour Day Long Weekend – Rock Creek BC. It’s near Osoyoos. Come camp. Swim in a lake. Check out this lineup; so many of our favourite people in this thing, I just know it’s going to be memorable.

Ponderosa Festival 2013

Video: Facts live at St. James Hall |

Filmed by Ian Macdonald, Brook Lotzkar, Nick Lam, Andrea Bang


The Fortunate Isles, The Oh Wells – Electric Owl May 9 |

We are pleased to be teaming up with The Oh Wells to welcome  The Fortunate Isles from Regina, SK to The Electric Owl on May 9. If you like us you will love their vintage disco punk vibes. Plus this is the best poster I’ve seen in a while. It reminds me of wanting my little league soccer game to end so I could go play with my birthday present.

Also, we’re going to be sailing to Victoria the next day to open for them and hopefully we will all become really good friends. Wanna get in on this? Come by and hang out with us May 9 at the Electric Owl.

fortunate isles oh wells may 9 2013

Fields of Green EP Release |

We were super stoked to be asked by our besties, Kelowna’s Fields of Green to open for the Vancouver EP release. Winners of Vancouver’s Fox Seeds competition, and co Peak finalists with us in last year’s Top 20, they are staggeringly talented and we love getting to see them play.

Then we became more stoked when we found out that our camping buddies from last year’s Live at Squamish festival, Young Pacific are going to be opening too. All set up for one of Vancouver’s best stages at the Rickshaw Theatre, this proves to be a strong lineup of BC rock n’ roll.

Saturday 6 April, Rickshaw Theatre. 8:00pm. Tickets available at Zulu, Red

FOG young pacific april 6 2013

Facts live at CMW and Montréal |

Facts is packing up with their friends and tourmates 41st and Home and heading East for the annual Toronto gathering of music, art, and business that is Canadian Music Week. While we’re not show-hopping and catching up with fellow musicians, we’ll be appearing in our own showcases, winning over new fans and colleagues.

But the most exciting thing is that we are finally going to get to Montréal. We weren’t able to get there in the fall, and we know that there are going to be great fans there for our music. It’s the first time there for 41st and Home as well, and we’re playing with a rad indie shoegaze band called Femme Accident.

Show Dates:
March 20, CMW Showcase, Gladstone Hotel – Toronto
March 22, Le Cagibi with Femme Accident and 41st and Home – Montréal



Sky Wallace, CMW, and the Return of 41st and Home |

This spring we throwing our instrument cases in a plane and flying east to Toronto for Canadian Music Fest; but before we go, we’re playing a sweet hall show with our travelling buddies, 41st and HomeSkye Wallace will be there as well. She’s stunning. It’s an early show so come hang out, have a few drinks and see us off on our mini-tour ; )

Sky Wallace 41st and Home


Ariane Moffatt at The Media Club |

We always enjoy meeting out-of-town bands, and it’s always an honour to be asked, so we’re happy to be opening for Montréal’s Ariane Moffatt. She’s a pretty rad French electro Pop artist, and you can expect all the francophones in Vancouver to crawl out of the woodwork and show up. So brush up on your français and come hang out.

Show Details:
Tuesday 26 February, The Media Club
Doors at 8pm
Tickets available at

ariane moffatt Feb26 2013

Come Friday – Cobalt Jan 4 |

A brand new year is upon us and we know you’re looking to make it a good one. We are too. We’re kicking it off with Come Friday at The Cobalt on January 4. Always a hip dance party with DJs Trevor Risk (Sunshine) and Christian Flores spinning, we’re going to throw down some booty shaking tunes of our own, making for a hot room in the winter time. Come join us.

The Cobalt
Jan 4, 9:30pm

comefriday jan 4 0213